The archived version of this website can be found here: (Note: Performance can be slow as the cache is based on traffic)

Built on Google App Engine Flexible with Python and JS/JQuery this web application is high performing and scalable allowing users to connect with one another as well as receive information about games they own across many different web APIs. This application is built from the ground up by myself outside of SaaS services like wordpress for efficiency and algorithm based dynamic page rendering.

Web Design

Built with Adobe XD and Illustrator (icons)

Mobile Hub Page
Mobile Profile Page
Mobile Games Page
Mobile Game Page


Backend Design

Back end code and design for this project is under NDA and as such I can’t speak on it in too much detail. HOWEVER I can provide sanitized code samples at request. This is the most involved and structured project I have worked on to date and I am extremely happy with the current state of the backend of this app.

Where it’s at – Maintenance and bugs

Ongoing maintenance is necessary for scaling websites such as this. As bugs pop up and more users join the site, adjustments in business direction and user requirements change. As a retainer client I actively monitor bug and error reports and fix things on the fly as necessary. Since this project has been out of commision for so long there are a handful of bugs that developed because of deprecated apis and cancelled subscription payments. The site, overall, works the same. Below is a video of me interacting with the website after a lot of these bugs popped up. This video is intended to showcase the powerful filtering and flexible natures of the interactions on the platform. I was the sole developer and designer on this project so everything you’re seeing is work done by myself.

Feature Additions

Gamer Queue is more than just a web app. It is a concept and idea that we work on day in and day out as such we have constant changes and feature additions as well as user feedback which I actively monitor. Taking steps towards an all inclusive hub for team managers, players, and casual users alike looking for updates and community within their favorite games. The company was sold out before the project came to it’s full fruition or even left alpha. Had it not been sold I truly believe this could’ve been a massive platform in the industry.