What They Needed

I was approached by this client to build out a basic starter blog to get them a following.


This website was previously built on Google App Engine by myself with a completely custom back-end but I quickly learned that something that custom wasn’t a good choice for a site like this where the client will be managing content so decided to re-platform to something more standardized to keep things simple for them. Recently moved to WordPress with a custom built theme. It’s largely a blog but features a couple of integrations including email marketing, eCommerce (for recipe books), completely custom blog pages, and tools for generating good SEO from blog copy.

The re-platform was done using WPAllImport and a complete export of the previous site from Google App Engines backend. All previous assets were cleaned up, imported, and optimized to work on WordPress natively without any work on the client’s end. Clean, quick, and FULL of great content this site pulls in 2000+ views a month.